Anahita King

Anahita King

The good witch of whimsy

Clay is a video camera


I visualize clay as a video camera; once a lump of clay gets into someone's hands, it records every touch and movement.  


Videographers have editing capabilities; clay artists need awareness of their movements in real time. With clay, the edge between spontaneous and contrived is like balancing on the cutting edge of a kitchen knife (which I sharpen several days a week). For me, the challenge becomes how to relax and stay on the edge. 


The less the clay is touched, the more spontaneous the piece remains. This is such a contradiction since clay is SO touchable. It calls out to be handled. 


The itsy bowls below are made as a concentrated meditation with a goal that repeats itself.


The whimsical piece below the Itsys is made by stepping back and witnessing intuitive movements that arrive spontaneously.  I find the movements need to be just quicker than my rational mind. Otherwise, if the analytical mind gets engaged, the fluidity of the clay disappears.


Itsy bowls for kitchen prep, spices, vitamins, earrings, stuff like that


Spiral planter built on the edge of disaster


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